How to choose bathroom tiles that will keep you satisfied through the years to come

Here are some tips and tricks to ensure your bathroom tile choice ticks all the boxes.
Make a Moodboard For Your Ideas & Tile Inspiration
A moodboard is simply a collection of ideas including the colour, pattern, layout, tile samples and pictures that designers use to visualise the final look of their desired result. It is a great place to start any kind of building or renovating project, not just bathroom tiling. With a moodboard, you can visually create and edit the intended look of your tiles as well as getting ideas for your choice of shower and bathroom accessories. Your moodboard will help you identify ideal colour combinations of shower tiles to use, as well as the most appropriate layout for your bathroom and personal style.
There is no need to overthink things at this stage. Simply browse through some images of bathrooms and make note of your favourites. It’s that easy. Inspirational images can be pulled from online channels such as Pinterest, or possibly your favourite home and interior design blogs. The process of establishing the ‘mood’ that appeals to you is as simple and fun as sorting through images that you like.

Experiment with Size & Colour

As you find a few images of bathrooms you like you will probably notice some trends in terms of what appeals to you with size and colour. You can then sort through your selection of appealing bathrooms and see which bathrooms are of a similar size and layout to what you will be working with.
The size of the tiles you choose can also make a difference to the.
Smaller size bathrooms often use large tile sizes to highlight the space and add a sense of luxury. There are no rules against using large tiles in a small room but if your bathroom is smaller than average you can change the visual perception of its space by the way you lay out the tiles. Lighter colours of rectangular tiles laid vertically can be used to make a room look wider. Or, if you want a bathroom to give the appearance that it is higher you can lay rectangular tiles in vertical patterns.

When choosing tiles for your bathroom it can be a daunting thought to find the right style for your home when starting from scratch. However, with the right inspiration and advice you can achieve a style that keeps you
You are not restricted to rectangles of course. Square tiles have long been popular popular in bathrooms and these days it is becoming more common to see other shapes as well.
Consider Mosaics for Added Style
Using mosaic tiles as a feature in your bathroom or shower lets you bring an added style element. Mosaic tiles come in a large variety of colours, shapes and sizes, meaning you are only limited by your imagination and space available to tile. website offer inspiration for mosaic tile patterns and styles. They are one of the most versatile design elements you can add to your bathroom space. They can be used in vertical or horizontal strips, or even just selected patches inside any part of the bathroom or shower.
A great place to start your search for your bathroom or shower tiles is to check out some images in our picture gallery of bathroom tiles. There are a wide range of styles and colour combinations to get you inspired for your project.


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